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Body Jewelry

Gay, Lesbian and Gay Pride Jewelry

If you are looking for gay and lesbian pride jewelry, you are in the right place! We have an incredible selection of gay body jewelry featuring rainbows and other sassy designs for you to choose from. Our body jewelry selection includes barbells, belly rings, labret bars and more. We also have a selection of gay pride bracelets, gay earrings, gay necklaces and gay rings. Shop today!
Rainbow Acrylic Faux Plug
Rainbow Buffalo Pincher
Rainbow Faux Taper
Rainbow Single Flare Plugs
Rainbow Double Flare Single Plugs
Rainbow Spike Brow Jewelry
Rainbow Brow Jewelry
Rainbow Peace Sign Naval Jewelry
Rainbow Flag Banana Bar Body Jewelry
Medical Pot Body Barbell Jewelry
Cock Teaser Body Barbell Jewelry
Wanna Bone Body Barbell Jewelry
Born Again Virgin Body Barbell Jewelry
Got Herb? Body Barbell Jewelry
Blue Chin Labret
Pink Chin Labret
Industrial Spring Body Piercing
Double Female Sign Belly Jewelry
Double Female Sign Barbell Jewelry
Rainbow Crystal Barbell Body Jewerly