Gay Lesbian Rainbow Pride Shopping Clearance Center

When the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community and open-minded people everywhere search for the most spectacular gifts to show their pride and support, they always follow the Rainbow Depot to find their pot of gold. We carry a mind-boggling selection of colorful rainbow-themed apparel, jewelry and other gay gift ideas, and always at the lowest prices around. 

When saving money is a priority - and it always is - make sure you check out the Rainbow Depot's clearance section. Chock full of overstocked and clearance items at discount prices so low, you'll swear it's a typo. The incredible gifts in this section change regularly, so bookmark this page and visit regularly to ensure that you never miss a massive bargain on the coolest LGBT products on the web!

Male Puzzle Ring
Glamour Puss Sticker
Lovers with Newborn Mirror
Labrys Sticker
Chakrum Sticker
Fan Earrings w/Rainbow Stone
Plus Minus Ring (size 5 only)
Silver Ring w/Stones
Male Mars Spinning Ring
Fuck War Key Chain
Double Male Bracelet
Handcuffs Lapel Pin
Fairy Basslet Ornament
Silver Penis Lapel Pin
Blue Chin Labret
Pink Chin Labret
Rainbow Flag Body Jewelry Banana Bar
Rainbow Knit Cap
I am the 99% Sticker
Rainbow Flag on Stick 8" x 12"
Interwoven Ring Size 5 only
Puka Bead Bracelet
Rainbow Pride Metal ID Tag / Necklace
Rainbow Contact Lens
Letter  F Sticker
Letter  H Sticker
Letter  N Sticker
Letter  O Sticker
Letter  Q Sticker
Letter  T Sticker
Letter  U Sticker
Letter  V Sticker
Letter  W Sticker
Letter  X Sticker
Letter  Y Sticker
Letter  Z Sticker
Number 9 Sticker
& Symbol Sticker
Rainbow Flag Banana Bar Body Jewelry
Number 0 Sticker
Number 2 Sticker
Number 4 Sticker
Number 5 Sticker
Number 6 Sticker
Male Sign Ring