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Gay Lesbian Rainbow Pride
Glassware - Shot Glasses
(it's happy hour somewhere - bottoms up!)

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community knows that to find the coolest gifts on the web, you simply have to follow the rainbow to Rainbow Depot. Our Gay Pride shines through with an incredible selection of home decor items, apparel, stickers and other gift ideas, all at prices so low that you can afford to get something special for yourself as well! Our Rainbow shot glass collection features a wide range of beverage glasses with our Rainbow motif, like our Rainbow Test Tube Shooters. We also offer up humorous shot glasses, quilted rainbow drink insulators and Rainbow Flag Toothpicks for those tasty party hors d'oeuvres. Click on any of our rainbow shot glasses and drink accessories below to order yours today!

Flag Shot Glass
Alcohol Brings Out The Gay In Me Shot Glass
Super Gay Shot Glass
Rainbow Smiley Face Glass Shot
Peter Shot Glass
Bitch Shot Glass
Rainbow Beads Necklace with Shot Glass
Vaginas Are Awesome Shot Glass
I (heart) Cock Shot Glass