Male orgasms appear to be more straightforward, and shrouded in less mystery, than female orgasms that have been documented to last about twice as long. This prevailing notion is likely perpetuated by mainstream media’s portrayal of male sexuality, as in Jerry Seinfeld’s joke about men when it comes to sex: He likens them to firefighters who can be ready in two minutes (as opposed to women who are like fire, suggesting that they need to be stoked first). Mainstream media also portrays male orgasm as mostly achieved through visual stimulation (often via pornography) and penile manipulation (through masturbatory, oral or vaginal sex).

But like women, men have erogenous zones that when stimulated, can send them to previously unimagined orgasmic heights that most of the male population only thought women could achieve. That is about to change, however, as science learns more and more about male anatomy and their sexuality. Below are some of the most exciting discoveries that science has made thus far that can send even the most sexually experienced of men into explosive climaxes. Give these spots your undivided attention and you may well make your man beg for more.

The E-spot

A very unlikely candidate as a male erogenous spot is his ears. Evolution designed it so ancient humans can hear animals prowling at night, but modern humans have discovered that when tickled properly, this auditory organ packed with a concentration of nerve endings can make men weak in the knees. The most sensitive spot for stimulation would be the cartilaginous outer ridge, which can be nibbled in between soft kisses and gentle licks of the tongue.

The F-spot

Going by the unimaginative medical term ‘frenulum’, a man’s F-spot is located on the underside of the penis just below the head where a thin band of skin fold connects the former to the penile shaft. This F-spot can be best stimulated when one partner gives the other oral stimulation while sliding up and down his fingertips over this area. As the frenulum is likened to the female clitoris in that it is packed with nerve endings, stroking the F-spot can send a man to heightened sexual awareness.

His other cheeks

The gluteal muscles are often the choice spot for spanking young (and adults alike, in a kinky way) miscreants because their fleshy composition protect the nerves below them from the sensation of pain. The glutes, or more commonly known as the buttocks, are not necessarily titillating on their own, but some men find it a huge turn-on when they are held – or squeezed – in the butt while thrusting deep into their partners. With the popularity of BDSM, this set of cheeks can be aroused in ways that were unimagined in the past (or perhaps, undocumented in popular media). The flogger is the go-to BDSM paraphernalia for the butt, but the latter can also be aroused by a more conventional approach of open palms (as in spanking), long nails, or feather teaser.

Prostate – the ‘Ittest’ of It spots 

The ladies are known for their G-spot, that ultra-sensitive part located 2-3 inches deep into the frontal wall of the vaginal opening. This is the Holy Grail of female pleasure, and most men wonder whether they have theirs, too. The good news is that men have this spot too, except that it has been known for a long time as the unassuming prostate gland. Frivolously referred to as the P-spot, the prostate is found at the base of the penis below the bladder, and helps make seminal fluid to facilitate the expulsion of sperm, which when combined with the latter, becomes semen. When massaged right – assuming his partner locates the right spot – the prostate gives the most explosive of male climaxes in the same way that females achieve the kind of deep-seated orgasm when her G-spot is stroked (with two fingers in a peace sign doing a come-hither motion on the frontal part of the vaginal wall).

As the prostate is directly located in front of the anus, the most effective way to give it direct pressure is to penetrate your partner from behind, either traditionally or with the use of a penile facsimile, a prostate massager, or a well-lubricated finger. Locate the walnut-sized gland two inches deep into the rectum, and then massage it with light swirls and taps. An indirect, but less effective, way to apply pressure to this ultra-sensitive spot is to have two fingertips, or the knob of your forefinger, placed over his perineum, that strip of flesh between the scrotum and the anus. As he approaches climax, start applying pressure into this area to make his orgasm one he will never forget.