With the end of the of year drawing nigh, it is clearer than ever that the Rainbow Depot is indeed your one-stop shop for nearly all of your holiday supplies, goodies, and gifts. In fact, we here at the rainbowdepot.com are very excited about being a supplier of holiday goods since we love Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year’s just as much as you do.

While many of our products will serve you very well on Halloween, we also have some items that are made just for the October 31st holiday. Our Halloween Bright Hair Color Spray can make your head the perfect topping to your costume, while our Happy Halloweenie Costume will give you are whole new look! Additionally, we have in stock and ready to ship various costumes, body glitter, and all sorts of costumes including some that are especially naughty and sexy.

Okay, we’ll be honest. We do not have much in the way of Thanksgiving gear other than our Rainbow Feather and Metallic Wreaths to hang on your front door. However, if you are particularly imaginative, you could pick up something from our adult toys section that may remind you of a turkey or at least of a big c@ck.

In addition to the fore mentioned wreaths, the Rainbow Depot has a huge selection of Christmas supplies. We have got Rainbow craft ribbon to decorate your home and tree, Christmas cards for your loved ones, and ornaments to include the famously popular Buttons the Bichon ornament.   

New Year’s
Now, you just know the Rainbow Depot does New Year’s like no other online store, don’t you? Well, we do. Take a look at our collection of fun gear. You will find the always appropriate Alcohol Brings the Gay out in Me shot glass, our sizzlingly hot Aphrodisiac Blazing Cherry Oil, and so much more.