Rainbow Depot is a 100% gay owned and run business that offers a huge selection of LGBTQIA products. Show off your Pride for events and in your general day to day life! The world's largest selection of gay pride necklaces is available online here at Browse over 200 products and find the right necklace for you. Fast, worldwide shipping offered on all items.

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Bear Pride ID Tag / Necklace
US$3.00  US$1.00
Rainbow Pride Metal ID Tag / Necklace
Your Price USD: US$6.95
Bamboo Necklace
Beads Necklace
Your Price USD: US$3.50
Puka Bead Necklace
(options available)
US$3.00  US$1.50
Shell Necklace
Your Price USD: US$5.00
Wood Bead Necklace
Your Price USD: US$3.50
Tube Necklace
Your Price USD: US$15.50
Rainbow Shell Necklace
18 inch Necklace / Choker
Your Price USD: US$6.00
PRIDE ID Tag / Necklace
Your Price USD: US$16.00
Rainbow Hot Chick ID Tag/Necklace
Your Price USD: US$19.95
Rainbow Vertical Strip ID Tag/Necklace
Your Price USD: US$15.00
Rainbow Bear ID Tag/Necklace
Your Price USD: US$16.00
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