These days, more and more gay couples are getting married! Yes, these same-sex marriages are definitely becoming frequent and out in the open in these modern times, thus leading to a multitude of charming, unique, and romantic wedding looks and ideas while also exhibiting gay pride.

If you're also planning your own gay wedding or perhaps helping a friend out, here are some decorative ideas you might want to consider:


DIY centerpieces are definitely IN! And of course you can create your own and hence inject a personal touch to the design while also ensuring that it suits the theme. If you would like to show off gay pride in your decors, it would be great to incorporate rainbow elements into your centerpiece.

For instance, you can throw in our rainbow wreath as part of the centerpiece instead of hanging it on a wall. You can also include multicolored candles, stickers, ribbons, and tassels. Complete it with colorful flowers and you'll surely come up with something attractive and meaningful.


Your party will not be complete without wedding favors. It would be great to have rainbow-themed cookies spread out on the tables as guests come into your reception. How about using our rainbow umbrellas and sarongs as decors and favors for a beach-inspired wedding?

We also carry rainbow bow ties which you can ask all male guests to wear, gay or not! At the same time, we also have several bracelets in this motif that you can give away to your guests. You may want to check out our Party Supplies catalogue too. We've got garlands, tissue balls, flags, lanterns, and a lot more to make you feel proud of your gender preference!


There are really no rules to follow when it comes to the couple's clothing or getups on their big day. For example, if you're a lesbian who wishes to dress in a wedding dress, you're free to do so! You can also choose to wear a suit if you like. Whatever you decide on, add something rainbow-inspired to match your gay pride theme--- perhaps rainbow-dyed sneakers underneath your dress or a rainbow-colored tie for your suit.

Wedding Car

As for your wedding car, it would also be great to have it blend well with the rest of the celebration. Check out our Auto Accessories page for several ideas. From an antenna ball and small mirror ball in the hues of a rainbow to various themed plate frames, you can certainly give your car exterior and interior a hint of gay pride.

Of course, apart from all these adornments, it's essential to remember why you are getting married to your partner in the first place. Enjoy the wedding preps and be sure to shower your new spouse with lots of love!