Many are often challenged to find good birthday gifts to give to their dads. All the more that they find it even daunting to pick out a great present that a gay dad would truly appreciate.

Some think that buying gifts for gay dads would be just like shopping for Mom. However, it's actually a different case altogether.

To be on the safe side, it's best that you know the interests of your gay dad. If he's into music, you can probably get him an advanced sound system for his car or a nice pair of earphones. If he loves to cook, the classic griller Dad gift would work too.

But if you are not sure about what he likes or enjoys, you can go for these suggestions that would surely make him feel special and would let him know how much you love him:

·        Shopping Spree

One thing that gay men have in common is their desire to always look good. This is why they love to go shopping.

Why don't you offer a shopping spree for your gay dad? You can do this by handing over gift certificates for huge department stores or for his favorite shops. Or better yet, make up a custom GC with the amount and your signature and then go with him to the mall so you can accompany him and pay for what he chooses to buy. This can also be a good bonding activity.

·        Gay Pride Items

A gay dad would certainly feel treasured and respected when you give him gay pride items. This is symbolic of your love and honor despite his sexual preference. It means that you accept him for who he is.

We carry different rainbow-themed items that scream "I'm proud to be gay!" Check out our different catalogues today. From bags, apparel, and accessories to candles, glassware, and home décor, you'll have plenty to choose from. All of these are designed to show off gay pride through the rainbow motif which represents it.

·        Date with Dad

Another wonderful gift you can give to your gay dad would be a date or day out with you. Of course your gay dad would want to spend time with you. Knowing that you also want this and that you're not ashamed to be seen with him in public will make him feel good and appreciated.

Plan a movie and dinner date or you can go bowling, sing your hearts out in a KTV bar, or grab some drinks together. You can head out to the beach and just relax or you can visit a nearby travel destination for a day tour or an overnight stay. It really depends on what you believe will be best for him.

·        Surprise Party

How about throwing a surprise party for your gay dad? This will undoubtedly make him feel special as well. It doesn't matter if you make it small or big. What matters is that the people important to him are there.

You may want to have a rainbow-themed party. Just decorate the area or venue with our flags, banners, and ribbons all done in rainbow designs. Throw in our rainbow coasters and cups too for added effect. Surely these will also be cherished by your dad and his friends.

So what are you waiting for? Give your gay dad a birthday he'll never forget! Enjoy!