Leaders from the bisexual community convened at the White House this week to discuss issues of concern to the oft-overlooked B in LGBT that need to be addressed through public policy changes. Monday's meeting was a follow-up to a 2013 Bisexual Leader Roundtable meeting and occurred during the second annual Bisexual Awareness Week.

The policy briefings addressed bisexual-specific needs in data collection, employment discrimination, HIV prevention and care, immigration and asylum issues, mental and physical health disparities, suicide prevention, and violence. According to the briefings, all of the areas listed are areas of concerns and have unique impacts for bisexual people.

“Perhaps one of the most valuable elements to Monday's policy briefing was the opportunities for people to share resources – those resources were our experiences, fields of work, and knowledge, all of which varied widely but were strong across the board,” GLAAD media strategist Alexandra Bolles wrote of her experience at the White House gathering.

“When put together, these resources served to move the bi community as a whole towards cultural and political advancement,” she said. “While the bi community must overcome a disproportionally high hurdle in order to access hard resources and to achieve, I felt we were in a space where being ourselves was valuable, productive, and enough.”

Summaries of the policy briefings can be found on the Bisexual Awareness Week website.