Thinking of throwing your very own gay pride party for your gay and lesbian friends? Whether you have something specific to celebrate or you simply want to have a get-together to commemorate your gay pride and highlight your individuality, it's definitely great to have a rainbow party for everybody. After all, the rainbow has signified gay pride for a long time, with its bright colors symbolizing liveliness, uniqueness, and diversity.


Party decorations matter a lot because they can put everyone in the right mood and can make the place seem full of life even before the actual party has started. Think rainbow lanterns and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, rainbow-colored balloons with twirly ribbons all over the venue, and multi-colored fabrics for the tables. Indeed every guest who enters the party will immediately feel cheerful and excited, not to mention be instantly reminded of what the party is all about--- standing up for and celebrating gays and lesbians around the world.


You can actually prepare any kind of food you like, as long as there's enough for everybody. However, you might want to consider setting them up to match your rainbow theme. You can use food coloring to come up with multi-colored bread, desserts, and even ice cubes! Or you can come up with fruit pies or kebabs which put together naturally-colored fruit pieces that represent the hues of the rainbow--- from apples or strawberries all the way to grapes. What's more, it would be good to use matching napkins and paper cups.


Of course you should definitely prepare fun activities for your guests, such as film viewing of popular gay movies and having a cross-dressing costume fashion show. You can also come up with games that you feel will be enjoyed and appreciated by your guests, such as trivia about the history of gay pride. Or you can incorporate some dancing too.

Whether you're planning a small get-together or a huge party, feel free to go through our different rainbow-themed party supplies as well as various ideas on giveaways and game prizes. Surely you'll have fun browsing our catalogues while feeling proud to be gay!