Is homosexuality a choice? This frequently asked question is often met with a variety of answers.  According to a recent Ted Talk given by Dr. James O’Keefe, the answer is simply no. In fact, he references numerous studies that share that homosexuality is not only genetically influenced, it is also necessary and beneficial to society.

A Little Back Story

Dr. O’Keefe is the father of four children. At age 18, Jimmy, his oldest son, shared with him and his wife that he was gay. He admits that while the announcement caught them off guard, it probably should not have come as a surprise.

As a physician, Dr. O’Keefe did extensive research to understand why Jimmy was gay. Because of his background, he was looking for scientific information. In his Ted Talk, he shares a great deal about studies conducted (including one on epigenetic tags) that point to  facts that homosexuality is DNA influenced. He also shares what seems to be even more important to him; the studies that show the value of homosexuality to our population and culture. 

Some Facts

Consider this information shared by Dr. O’Keefe:

  • Members of the sexual minority (homosexuals) are often highly emotionally intelligent.

  • Gay males score higher in compassion and cooperation and lower in hostility than their heterosexual counterparts.

  • Boys and girls with high IQs were twice as likely to be homosexual that those with lower IQs.

Research like this lead O’Keefe to believe the conclusion that “gay men and women are essential to humanity”. This is a statement with which we, at Rainbow Depot, strongly agree.

His Thoughts

While the information shared by Dr. O’Keefe was obviously carefully researched, it was the way in which he spoke about his son and his family that we found most moving. We learned:

  • When hearing her son was gay, Dr. O’Keefe’s wife’s first response was “we will love whoever you love”. How perfect is that?

  • When discussing conversion theory, Dr. O’Keefe states “”nature prescribes homosexuality to help others around them flourish. People don’t need to cured or punished”. 

At the conclusion of his Ted Talk, Dr. O’Keefe shared these inspirational words: “our family is stronger and happier because he (his son Jimmy) is in our clan”.  At Rainbow Depot, these words resonate with us. We wish this level of love and acceptance to all members of the LGBTQ community and will continue to support you through the products we offer and the actions we take.