Most of us realize that practically everything has a “day” of celebration. And, to be honest, at Rainbow Depot we pretty much love these declarations. After all, who doesn’t relish recognizing such awesome things as ice cream, cousins, chocolate chip cookies and even scarves?  We appreciate the little things and enjoy each and every opportunity to acknowledge them! 

That said, October 11, 2019 is, perhaps, one of our FAVORITE days of all.  You see, it’s National Coming Out Day (NCOD). It is is no surprise that we are ready to celebrate and honor the important actions of our family, friends and neighbors who are members of the LGBTQ community. By sharing who they are, “coming out”, they have assumed control of their lives and made valuable statements to their families, friends and communities.

According to, National Coming Out Day “ was created in 1988 in recognition of the importance - both personal and political - of “coming out”.”   Here’s a bit of history. This day was founded in honor of the anniversary of the 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. Fueled by the AIDS epidemic and a Supreme Court Ruling that upheld the criminalization of sodomy, among other issues, the march this year was incredibly popular. 

Every year, since then, the LGBTQ community mobilizes and celebrates NCOD. They want everyone to know that LGBTQ people are present and proud in their communities.  They ARE your friends and neighbors, brothers, cousins and sisters, doctors, shop owners, attorneys, teachers,  politicians and every profession under the sun. Almost everyone knows someone who is LGBTQ - as a society it is important that we understand this fact and overcome fears, misconceptions and hurtful and dangerous stereotypes.

This year, in celebration of NCOD, let us all remember the history of those who came before us. While we still have so far to go in terms of recognition, acceptance and equality - we have gained much ground because of the hard work of so many.

October 11th is also a great day to show some PRIDE!  Wear an awesome accessory, maybe a ribbon, t-shirt, button, hat or pin to share who you are, what you support and those you love!  And, maybe even consider making a donation to The Human Rights Campaign to help further the valuable work they do.

In short, take this day to continue to raise awareness of our community - recognition and understanding are key to acceptance. And, rest assured, all of us at Rainbow Depot will observe NCOD with you - we love you, respect you and will continue to support and celebrate all that you are.