Nen Wa Balls 4 Waterproof Pink
Nen Wa Balls 4 Waterproof Pink

Nen Wa Balls 4 Waterproof Pink

Part Number: CNVEF-EN2424
Nen Wa Balls 4 Pink
Fluid Quantity Pink
Classic design and lasting quality make these ben-wa balls the perfect toys for kegel exercises or stimulating a powerful orgasm. The Nen-Wa Balls 4 are uniquely shaped weighted orgasm balls with a sturdy retrieval cord. The safe retrieval cord makes it secure so you can focus and indulge yourself in engaging simulation activities. The seamless texture and waterproof design makes this rubber orgasm ball for pleasure anytime and any place. To experience the pleasure of ben-wa balls simply insert the Nen-Wa Balls 4 into the vagina where they roll around especially when walking and spread vibrations throughout the vaginal, clitoral, and labia area. Ben-wa balls are known to produce amazing sensations!

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