In just one week, one of the best LGBTQ communities in America will host its Pride Parade. Pittsburgh, a city full of art, culture, and a rapidly growing LGBTQ community, is struggling with the Iggy issue. Iggy Azalea, an Australian rapper who’s topped the charts with “Fancy” and featured on Ariana Grande’s “Problem” is causing problems for the Pittsburgh Pride Festival this coming Saturday.

It’s clear that the I-G-G-Y has some catchy songs, but what is her connection to the LGBTQ community? Why book the woman to headline the show if she’s not exactly known for her tact or her ability to connect with the community? (And that's putting it mildly.) While the sponsors of this year’s festival have claimed to make “every effort” to ensure that all groups feel welcome at the festival, it seems that this choice wasn’t well thought out at all. In recent news, Iggy Azalea has made some very off color comments against the LGBTQ community and other groups. While the tweets she posted have been deleted, the impact of her opinions remains indelible.

Many LGBTQ groups have decided to boycott Pittsburgh's Pride Festival and have made alternative plans. The “Roots Pride” event will host a plethora of community-minded events and welcome all to share in the love.

Here’s the where and when of the Roots Pride events for Pride Week in Pittsburgh:

June 11: A Town Hall meeting will be held in the Blakey Building on Wylie Avenue at 6:00pm to brainstorm and share concerns. The conversation will focus on an “anti-oppression framework.”

June 12: Intergenerational Paint Party - This “Color Me Rad-esque” water balloon fight is a fun way to get all involved. Wear all white to this colored water balloon fight and come out as colored and unique as your own individuality. 6:30pm, Anderson Pavilion at Shenley Park.

June 13: The “Shut It Down” Protest and Roots Pride Pittsburgh party will be held at the Renaissance Hotel at 10:00pm.

Pittsburgh Pride might have 99 problems, but Iggy won't be one.