Gay Pride Accessories

When you visit Rainbow Depot, you're sure to find the widest selection of incredible gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender apparel, stickers, jewelry and more. We keep our prices extremely low, because the only thing better than being proud of who you are is saving money at the same time. Whether you are shopping for a gift for someone special, or just treating yourself to a much-deserved reward, Rainbow Depot delivers the superior quality and unique designs you need!

Our selection of LGBT accessories boasts a fabulous array of colorful rainbow necklaces, bandannas, lanyards and more. For those warm days out on the town or relaxing evenings at home, our rainbow tie-dye sarong makes a delicious fashion statement. For a bold decorative flair, try our rainbow Eye-Black and glitter eye appliques. No matter which amazing gay pride accessory you choose, you'll discover that the sweetest treasures are always yours when you follow the Rainbow!
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Bear Pride ID Tag / Necklace
US$3.00  US$1.00
Male Puzzle Ring (size 6 only)
US$19.95  US$1.00
Breast Cancer Awareness Wristband
US$2.50  US$0.75
HIV AIDS Awareness Wristband
US$2.50  US$0.50
Cock Teaser Body Barbell Jewelry
US$2.99  US$0.25
Pink Chin Labret
US$2.95  US$0.25
Double Female Sign Belly Jewelry
US$2.95  US$0.25
Rainbow Hair Twist Ties
Can be used as a bracelet too!!
US$5.00  US$2.50
Rainbow Satin Ribbon
(10 yards)
Your Price USD: US$14.95
Not for Sale - OUT OF STOCK
Satin Rainbow Ribbon Pins
Your Price USD: US$7.95
Rainbow Beach Ball (7'' round)
Your Price USD: US$1.50
Rainbow Daisy Headband
Your Price USD: US$8.50
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