When you think of Pride parades, what do you think of? Bright colors? Rainbows? Crazy outfits? People showing off how happy they are to be gay? If you're planning on attending a Pride parade anytime soon, here are a few ideas for making your experience as utterly fabulous as possible. 

Feather Boas

Whether you've got an incredibly complicated outfit or you didn't bring anything rainbow colored and just need something simple for instant festive-ness, a feather boa is a perfect option. Get a rainbow one, solid colors, or anything you like. It'll make a funky statement! 


There are so many to choose from that your biggest problem will be deciding to only wear one! Again, this can be a very easy option for those who don't have time or the inclination to go all out on a crazy costume but still want to have a little fun. You can also add gay pride hats to more elaborate outfits too. 

Face and Body Paint

Why not go REALLY crazy? Don't just wear the outfit- color yourself too! There are so many fun ways you can use face and body paint to show off your pride. If you want something subtle, paint the LGBTQ flag of your choice on one cheek. If you want all out festivity, paint your whole body in a giant rainbow! The only limits here are your imagination and the amount of paint you bought. 


Who can resist a fun pair of suspenders? They work with so many outfits, and they also keep your pants up. What could be better? 

Rainbow Accessories

If you want the full Pride experience, bedeck yourself with everything rainbow! Water bottles, jewelry, tee shirt, stickers, keychain, and whatever else you like that comes in Pride colors. Go crazy- this is the event to do it at!

Whether you decide to dress up or just go in your jeans and everyday tee shirt, we hope you'll enjoy your Pride parade experience. Be yourself- express yourself in whatever way you want!