Rainbow Fetish Pride Flag 3ft x 5ft
Rainbow Fetish Flag

Rainbow Fetish Pride Flag 3ft x 5ft

Part Number: WS35081
3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester Flag with Grommets
Fetishism is about the love for a particular thing - an object, a material, a substance, a body part of some more abstract phenomenon.  Central to fetishism is how this thing, the fetish, can be a part of well-being, attraction, sexuality, identity, how to live and love.  Fetishism can be expressed in a variety of ways; from those relatively often depicted, such as people living and loving leather, to those more rarely seen in popular media. 

Fetishists, let us parade this symbol to show our pride in our love, in ourselves and in our ways of life!

-source: www.fetishflag.com

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