Rainbow Pecker Party Confetti Gun
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Rainbow Pecker Party Confetti Gun

Part Number:HO3201


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Rainbow Pecker Confetti Gun WITH (4) Refills!!

Make your next party a real "Blast" as you Blast out a steady stream of Pecker Confetti ... with the Rainbow Pecker Party Confetti Gun!  Shiny Rainbow Pecker Confetti will rain down in the hail of Rainbow Confetti Fun!

Never Point or shoot at anyone.
Do not fire close to ear.
Misuse may cause damage to hearing.
Aim popper up in air at arm's length.
When firing keep away from face.
Unload gun when not in use.
Never carry cartridge in pocket as they may discharge and cause burn injuries.
Use only correct refill cartridges.
Use only under adult supervision
Do no fire indoors.

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