The Best Gay Halloween Costumes for 2020

Boo!  As the calendar flips to September it’s likely something fun is “creeping” into your thoughts. Yup, it’s Halloween.

Always a favorite among children, Halloween is super-popular with adults too, especially those of us in the LGBTQ community.  Let’s face it, when it comes to celebrating holidays, Halloween is relatively low stress.  Yes, you need to find a fabulous costume, but there are no added pressures of uncomfortable family meals (especially in an election year).  And, while we believe you should always buy the BEST candy (think full-size bars),  you DON’T need to stress about appropriate gift-giving.  Halloween is all about fun and celebrations.

Halloween 2020

That said, none of us are sure how Halloween 2020 will look. And, it may be very different depending upon where in the country you live and how you are celebrating. The Covid-19 pandemic has put a damper on much of the past six months.  With large gatherings often prohibited, celebrations have been much smaller in nature -- sometimes immediate family only.

That said, Halloween MUST go on! We all need the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy. While your celebration may not be “traditional” it can still be fun. Costumes are going to play a huge role in this year’s holiday - you can socially distance when wearing one, and incorporating masks are easy as pie!  It may even be something you want to consider when selecting what to wear.

Dress Up Time

Costume options are as plentiful as ever. There is no doubt our community will celebrate with some awesome gay Halloween costumes this year. Consider some of these ideas!

Gay Pride Costumes

Halloween dress-up provides you the perfect opportunity to show your pride in full costume.  Consider donning rainbow from head to toe!  Leggings, dresses, shirts, and tutus all serve as great costume bases.  Then, accessorize with rainbow wigs, hats, sunglasses, socks, and more.  You may even choose to be a gay superhero in a rainbow cape.  Honestly, the choice is yours!

Sexy Singles

Heading to a party out on your own?  Consider wearing something flirty and fun! While you can certainly hit the stores for the naughty nurse or sexy school girl costumes, sexy is so easy to accomplish with some well-placed accessories.  Perhaps you have a harness in your closet ( you know, for a little bedroom fun). Consider incorporating it into your costume and be a warrior! Or, pair some well-worn jeans and a badge, or red suspenders and a hat, sexy first responders are always “in”!

Costumes for Couples

 Looking to dress up with your significant other (or special friend)?  Couples' costumes are the way to go! You can pick a pair (like an angel and devil, superman and batman, or even Adam and Eve). These can be achieved using only accessories. Or, you can truly go “full out” and buy something super fun. Maybe a socket and plug, sexy nerds, or even peanut butter and jelly.  So many great things come in pairs!

Celebrate Halloween

The bottom line, plan to dress up and honor the holiday.  While your celebration may be different, it doesn’t have to be less fun. Take advantage of the opportunity, put on your costume, and let go. And, let’s face it. This is the PERFECT year to plan early and go all out. Time is most definitely on your side.  

Be creative, have fun, and Happy Halloween!