What’s being hailed (by marketers, anyway) as the world’s first “transgender beer” has just been launched by British brewery BrewDog. The beer, named No Label, is created with hops that have “changed sex,” according to the company’s promotional materials. (It’s a 4.6% ABV Kölsch; a type of beer that’s neither a lager or ale, brewed with hops that change from female to male flowers before harvest.)

It’s premiering at the brewery’s new bar in Soho, London this week. Some proceeds will be donated to LGBTQ groups like Queerest of the Queer, an events company, and Albert Kennedy Trust, a homeless charity. BrewDog came under fire for a fundraising advertisement in September that featured the two founders of the company as transgender sex workers.

According to James Watt, a BrewDog co-founder who starred in the ad:

“No Label is a new level of innovation in beer, smashing stereotypes surrounding the brewing process and using hops discarded by the brewing industry due to their ‘gender issues.’ “Producing this non-binary, post-gender beer has been a long and careful process and we’re sure that many so-called beer purists will question its legitimacy; but we care more about freedom than labels. Diversity makes everyone and everything richer.”