Bachelorette Roulette Card Game
Bachelorette Roulette Card Game

Bachelorette Roulette Card Game

Part Number: CNVEF-EVBG004
Bachelorette Roulette
Bachelorette Roulette is just like Vegas-baby! This fun bachelorette game can be played with small or large groups out on the town (its bound to get some fun attention at the bar!). The roulette wheel looks just like one in the casino. It has a ball that travels around the wheel when you spin it. The ball lands on a number and a color that corresponds to a card that has a dare on it. Each dare that is accomplished earns the player points. If a dare can not (or will not) be accomplished the player does not earn any points. When all of the dares have been used up whichever player has the most points wins! The dares are fun crazy and daring get your cameras ready!

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