Lesbian, gay, queer, trans, straight, or andro, are you into sex toys? Let's play!

Vagina-vagina sex enhancers, finger-extenders, double dildos, and clitoral stimulators, oh my! Whether you're into strap-on dildos, butt plugs, or vibration toys, there's a plethora of LGBT Sex Toys designed for your pleasure.

Pleasure, one of the grand sensations of our times, next to desire, is the grand purpose about when you think sex. To discover the body in its highest sense of sexual arousal is not for the shy.

Warming Up to Sex Toys

Playful stimulation of your sexual organs is one of the priorities of sex toys' sensual and fun design. Let’s just say that before I read the review of each one of the following toys by SheKnows, I had no idea of how committed sexual toy designers are to your sexual pleasure.

In a range from $15USD to $170USD – you can find incredible, sexy toys that will keep you feeling like you are onto something exciting! Sex is a relaxing and fun activity with health benefits, that feels like you're tapping into the fountain of youth.

Just a look at the sex toy catalog can ignite in you and your partner the passion that brought you together in the first place. For those who prefer sex without a partner, sex toys are a great way to spice up the intimacy that your body can give you when you play with it.

A pure mind is always a high state of mind that allows for pleasure to kick in on its own, and sensorial experience with sex toys will help you do just that. You will not be the same after discovering all the things you can do to your body, or your playmate, with a sex toy.

What is on your mind? Have you been thinking about how to spice up your relationship with more play? Are you curious about role-playing? Is this your first time enjoying sex toys? Do you want to give a friend a provocative fun gift with a clear message for intimacy? Feeling bored? Feeling wild?

Maybe you just need a change? Or to try something different? Whatever it is that has brought you here, here you are! Take a walk on the wild side, and become one with your sexuality.

Here is a recommended selection of the best sex toys designed for your pleasure!

  1. Finger Extender
  2. This kinky toy allows fingers to go deeper and stronger to hit the G-spot. Can you imagine? While some don’t believe the G-spot exists, this toy will make you a believer! Play your lover to the highest or try it on yourself and enjoy it!

    finger extender


  3. Clitoral Stimulator
  4. This clitoral stimulator sucks on the clitoris, and is designed for solo play or partner play; those who know say it is excellent for bodies that don’t love penetration but want to enjoy the sexual pleasures of being a woman.

    clitoral stimulator


  5. Fin
  6. The Fin is a finger vibrator for clitoris stimulation and for playing around the anus, but not inside. That is right, there is no penetration needed for a quick clitoral orgasm. Great for a warm-up play to start the rendezvous Avec toi.

    finger vibrator


  7. Le Wand Massager
  8. This is a fun battery-operated upgrade from the traditional magic wand. A great choice for pleasure for pre-op and no-op trans women, being versatile, and pleasurable to any body type, it also adjusts throughout the transition body changes. It is designed with ten distinctive vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns that allow for various attachments. Simply magic!



  9. Pop Strap-On Dildo
  10. Vagina lovers who want to make a baby, this is perfect for you! This dildo ejaculates into the receiving vagina whenever the wearer decides its time. Romance all over, and the conscious loving choice to bring life in the most playful loving way. This is sacred sex darlings.



  11. Buck Angel Stroker
  12. FTM body? In Transition? Pack and play! The Buck Angel stroker is perfect for you!


  13. Sharevibe
  14. Playful people, this is the double dildo dedicated to sex with two vaginas! You can use it with a harness, or take the harness off and enjoy the pleasure of hands-free penetration. The Sharevibe Includes a bullet vibrator, you will both enjoy vibration and penetration at the same time!



  15. Jive
  16. The jive is a wearable tox sex design as a G-spot vibrator. To make it even more fun, it's controlled by an app, giving you discreet ongoing pleasure wherever you go, and keeping you on your highest note while you play.



  17. Pure Plugs
  18. Do you want to play all day, and go everywhere feeling pleasure? This is kinky stuff, 100% steel, that can make up for an incredible sexual delight. Excellent to use with silicone-based lube for all-day pleasure. You will feel simply irresistible.

    Pure Plugs


  19. Tomboi Harness
  20. For andro and masc humans, this looks like a boxer, it can be paired with your favorite dildo, and lubricated with a sample pack for lovely and passionate sexual play.

    Tomboi Harness


  21. Rainbow Dildo
  22. Nothing sexier than being a classic. The rainbow Dildo is a sex toy you will have fun by just looking at it! Its rainbow design is such a reminder of why we love to play sex. This will be a wonderful toy to play with the vagina and anus.

    Rainbow Dildo


  23. Bonus: Massage Candle
  24. Let’s not forget the most fun part of our sexual encounter, the element with the potential to ignite passion, to love the self, and one another, fire. Enjoy the candlelight romance while you play and do not forget to use the wax while having fun! Just keep the play on the body canvas, it is not to be used in your sexual organs.

    massage candle


Be happy, be safe, be fun. You can take a walk on the wild side and enjoy sensual pleasures trying new sex toys…as a conscious way to embrace your sexuality as the sacred portal, it is, to a soulful relationship with yourself. The only rule to play? Do no harm.

Looking for more fun inspiration? Check out our collection of LGBT adult toys to start your sultry wish list.