How to Throw a Gay Pride Party

Thinking of throwing your very own gay pride party for your gay and lesbian friends? Whether you have something specific to celebrate or you simply want to have a get-together to commemorate your gay pride and highlight your individuality, it's definitely great to have a rainbow party for everybody. After all, the rainbow has signified gay pride for a long time, with its bright colors symbolizing liveliness, uniqueness, and diversity.
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Five of the Best Classic U.S. Gay Poets

Allen Ginsberg:  A self-proclaimed “novelist in the making,” Ginsberg is remembered for writing about taboo topics and alternative form of sexuality and was also a leading figure in the Beat Generation, which was a group of post-World War II writers and poets who helped introduce a liberalized culture. Ginsberg vigorously opposed sexual repression and was an early proponent of freedom for gay people, expressing himself and his beliefs openly within his poetry. 
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50 Shades of Erogenous: A Brief Guide to Male Hot Spots

Like women, men have erogenous zones that when stimulated, can send them to previously unimagined orgasmic heights that most of the male population only thought women could achieve. That is about to change, however, as science learns more and more about male anatomy and their sexuality. Below are some of the most exciting discoveries that science has made thus far that can send even the most sexually experienced of men into explosive climaxes. Give these spots your undivided attention and you may well make your man beg for more.
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