When it comes to empowerment, it’s never not the right time to make a political statement. Pandemic or no pandemic, if you have a voice, you must never keep quiet. 

Sadly, COVID-19 has made it difficult to communicate how special you are. And because not everyone is bold or courageous enough when they’re alone, we should never forget “gays together strong.”

But with the Pride Parade canceled, the rainbow community is compelled to be homebound. No placards, no celebrations, no gatherings. But when has adversities prevented you from being who you are?

We say, get creative while following the rules!

Social distancing might be the need of the hour, but so are your rights. Therefore, mask up. Let this pandemic be the perfect opportunity to stay safe as you embrace your existence without saying a word. 

Whether you’re a member or a supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community, these gorgeous pride face masks will help you perfectly amplify your message to the world. 

  • Rainbow Stripes Face Mask – For your distinctive self 

Is it even a pride face mask if it’s not painted in a rainbow? 

This LGBT flag-inspired mask is everyone’s go-to accessory but it comes with a twist. We’ve designed the mask with horizontal stripes, so you can look different even when you’re surrounded by rainbow apparels. 

It’s the perfect way to set yourself apart in a crowd and magnify your sentiment and stance. 

The Rainbow Stripes Face Mask is not only made from 100% cotton but is also a pre-shrunk fabric mask. Made using Pellon interfacing for extra safety, the mask offers good filtration and enough breathability. 

Celebrating love while protecting yourself against the viruses? These sound like our kind of pride face masks. 

  • Tie-Dye Rainbow Facemask – Because you’re flawed and fabulous

At Rainbow Depot, we take pride (pun intended) in being the web’s largest gay owned and operated gay shop. And this mask is an expression of our social and business identity. 

We’ve used the colors of the LGBT+ flag to create these pride face masks that may be far from perfect but worth the spend. It’s our statement on how the gay community is flawless yet deserves to live happily and freely, without constant judgments. 

Also made with Pellon interfacing, this mask is one of the more popular alternatives to the N95 mask as it is effective against viruses. It is 100% cotton and pre-shrunk, so you don’t have to worry about it shrinking after the very first wash. 

So, the next time when you step out for one of your social distance outings, don our Tie Dye Rainbow Facemask to protect yourself and your loved ones during this fearful pandemic. 

  • Rainbow Heart Face Mask – To take a stand without using words

You can only help uplift your community as long as you are safe and healthy. Since our uncertain lives have been further threatened by the coronavirus, we need to ensure that we don’t contribute to the transmission more. 

And so, we’ve added these beautiful ‘Love is Love’ pride face masks to our huge selection of apparels and accessories specially designed to complement your social identity.

This Rainbow Heart Face Mask flaunts hearts inspired by the pride flag with the script ‘Love in Love,’ allowing you to make a brave political statement even when you are not saying it out loud. 

We especially recommend this one if you are a sucker for silent protests. If you want to shun the nay-sayers, go for this discreetly packed and delivered face mask for your social distancing kit. 

  • Rainbow Band / Face Mask – When you’re feeling creative

This high-quality 100% polyester mask is not only great for covering your face when you go out but also looking stylish while doing that. 

You can use this multipurpose scarf in at least eight different ways to exhibit the different sides of you. Whether you need a scrunchie or a headband, you only need one of these pride face masks in your bag every time you walk out on the streets. 

Our Rainbow Band/Face Mask is washable, effective, and reusable, allowing you to save the planet by reducing your purchases. 

  • Cannabis Leaf Face Mask – For your love for hemp

Feeling green or unusually rebellious? Try Rainbow Depot’s 100% cotton fashion-forward masks. 

Pride doesn’t have to mean rainbow. It is about being proud of having a voice and opinions on various subjects despite your uniqueness. 

These cannabis-inspired pride face masks will help you express your opinion about hemp without compromising the mandatory six feet social distance.

While the mask doesn’t contain actual hemp extract, it will do its job of keeping you safe and away from the harmful viruses.

And we guarantee that you will surely turn a few heads with this one on!

Coming out is a personal and powerful act. But not everybody is ready to do it right away. And we respect that. Having been through the journey ourselves, we understand how important it is for you to take control of your own coming out moment. Therefore, we don’t sell any of your information or print any LGBTQIA+ indicators on the package. Our delivery is discreet. The only way people will find out is when you tell them.

Remember, with every product you buy from Rainbow Depot, you will be directly contributing towards empowering the LGBT+ community. So, if you are looking to accessorize or complete your look, you can find more cool pride love stuff for your wardrobe here.