Freedom Pride Spinner Ring (Size 10 Only)

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Part Number: JR015-10
(Size 12 & 13 only)
This Freedom Pride Spinner Ring is a beautiful and unique design and a great addition to our pride collection. This piece features quality rainbow color stones wrapping the entire ring in the classic pride rainbow order. This exclusive piece is 9mm wide with a smaller 6mm wide spinning band in the center.  The outer band is a polished mirror finish and the inner band in a matt finish. The inner ring is crafted in quality 316L stainless steel for a maintenance free bold design.
Oh baby...we're in love...with this Freedom Pride Spinner Ring from Rainbow Depot.  Maybe not love, maybe lust!  I think lust describes our feelings for this ring perfectly!

Now is the perfect time to treat yourself, or someone else.  What am I saying?  You both deserve a treat!  This ring comes in tons of sizes, so there's one for everyone. 

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