Genderflux 3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester Flag
Genderflux 3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester Flag

Genderflux 3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester Flag

Part Number: WS35097

A Symbol For The Genderflux Community

Genderflux is one of many possible gender identities. "Genderflux" is a term used by those who are unsure of the gender they identify with. A change in one's perception of or dedication to one's gender identity is one symptom of this insecurity. Depending on factors including upbringing, social setting, and internal state, a person's sense of gender identity may either erode or strengthen with time.

People with gender fluidity may go through phases in which they feel comfortable identifying with attributes of both sexes. They may strongly identify with one gender yet feel neutral or conflicted about the other. The strength of one's gender identification might fluctuate during the day, week, month, or year. People who don't conform to societal norms around gender expression may have fluctuating levels of identification with one gender or the other. Individuals who experience gender fluidity may present with a wide range of symptoms. Depending on one's level of commitment to a certain gender identity at any one time, this presentation may contain or move between masculine, feminine, and androgynous qualities.

The Colors Of The Genderflux Flag

The pink sash suggests that some transgender people find it easier to identify with and perform roles associated with the female gender. Gender-fluid people may go through times of feeling less than a strong identification with one gender, and the white stripe represents this agender or neutral state of mind. Many of these individuals frequently struggle with feelings of ambiguity and shifts in how they identify and express their gender. It's a pictorial representation of the wide range of gender-nonconforming identities and expressions. Non-binary gender identities, such as those depicted by the dark bar, are acknowledged. Those who do not identify with or prefer not to use either pronoun are included. Some transgender people may have strong emotional ties to male gender identities; the blue stripe, usually associated with masculinity, recognizes and respects these relationships. Genderflux is a gender identity that varies in intensity over time. This can be gradually, rapidly, or any speed in-between depending on the person.