How to Help Build the GSA Movement 

Support is critical for the youth members of the LGBTQ community. As adults, we all know how difficult growing up can be. When you are recognized as different in any way, shape or form, things become even more complex. Kids can be mean.  Life can be confusing.  Support from peers can play a vital role in helping LGBTQ youth.

GSA (Genders & Alliance Clubs)

Are you familiar with Genders & Sexualities Alliance (GSA) Clubs? If not, you should be, particularly if you are a parent of an LGBTQ child. We are excited to share information on these valuable organizations. First and foremost,  GSA clubs are organizations run by students dedicated to helping LGBTQ youth. Student run is key - we all know kids often do better speaking with and opening up to peers as opposed to adults.

GSAs Have Evolved

Over the past several years, these organizations have blossomed. First designed simply to provide “safe spaces”,  today they do so much more. Social GSA’s provide a place for LGBTQ students to meet others like themselves. This opportunity to connect is incredibly valuable. Support GSAs offer a place for students to share concerns about school and their communities - discrimination is often discussed.  Finally, Activist GSAs work to change the community. They identify issues and create plans to address them. Our youth are a powerful group. They truly help to make a difference. 

The past two years have been unique, to say the least.  Covid has affected so much. Thankfully, during this time GSAs continued to thrive. Leveraging technology, they continued to offer the support many in the community have come to rely upon.

GSA Growth

Critical to the growth of this movement is a combination of assistance and financial support. If you would like to start a GSA, details are available here.  And, if you are in a position to provide financial support through a donation, your help would be welcome.

At Rainbow Depot we believe that as LGBTQ adults, it is all of our responsibilities to help guide our youth, providing them the support they need to succeed. We’ve experienced discrimination, struggled socially, and faced discrimination time and time again. Life can be hard.

Peer-to-peer communication is one of the most valuable ways to help our kids.  GSAs have proven incredibly powerful and the movement to expand them is so important.  Take some time, read up on them and do what you can to help them grow.