Inclusive Progress Pride 3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester Flag
Inclusive Progress Pride 3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester Flag

Inclusive Progress Pride 3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester Flag

Part Number: WS35096

Meaning Of The New Inclusive Progress Pride Flag

The Inclusive Progress Pride banner has come a long way toward its stated objective of fostering a more diverse and welcoming LGBTQ+ movement when compared to previous pride banners. In recognition of the multiplicity of people who make up this community, it features a wider range of colors and symbols. In this sense, it serves as a symbol for the LGBTQ+ community at large, highlighting the value of variety and the need to fight for the rights and happiness of all individuals. Symbolizing the importance of intersectionality and the strength of our collective voices, the Inclusive Progress Pride banner will guide us in our ongoing fight for a more accepting society.

The Inclusive Progress Pride banner draws on the design of the Progress Pride flag but adds new symbols to stand for a more comprehensive spectrum of identities and experiences. The pride flag of the LGBTQ+ community is proudly shown on the upper band of this ring. All the struggles and triumphs of the LGBTQ+ community are celebrated.

The brown and black stripes signify those in the LGBTQ+ community who are marginalized. In addition to being victims of racism and other types of intersectional oppression, members of the LGBTQ+ community suffer additional obstacles that are symbolized by these stripes. Horizontal thin blue, pink, and white stripes represent trans and non-binary people. Because of the enormous variety of gender identities and experiences, these colors were chosen for the transgender flag.

The Inclusive Progress Pride design builds on Daniel Quasar’s instantly iconic 2018 Progress Pridge flag, which added a five-striped chevron to the left side of the flag representing LGBTQ+ people of color and the trans community. (Quasar’s design, in turn, was an update to the city of Philadelphia's 2017 Pride flag, which added black and brown stripes above the six rainbow stripes.) The Inclusive Progress Pride rendition, a purple circle superimposed over a yellow triangle has been added to the chevron on the left half of Quasar’s design — an homage to the popular 2013 intersex flag designed by Australian bioethecist and researcher Morgan Carpenter. The intersex community uses the colors of purple and yellow as an intentional counterpoint to blue and pink, which have traditionally been seen as binary, gendered colors.