Luv At First Bite - Sex Game
Luv At First Bite - Sex Game

Luv At First Bite - Sex Game

Part Number: CNVELD-7208-50
Luv at first bite - sex game
Luv at first Bite game from Ball and Chain. Satisfy Your Sexual Craving! Embrace your adventurous and playful side with Luv at first Bite the vampire themed sex game. Enjoy a heightened sense of arousal and a deeper level of intimacy while pretending to be a vampire on a seductive and sensual pleasure-seeking quest. The object of Luv at first Bite is to become a king or queen vampire by being the first player to collect 10 activity cards. During game play there will be many opportunities to hone your vampire skills by licking biting and sucking but beware of the weakness cards as they can temporarily stop you from completing your quest.

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