Pride Month may take place every June, but it is never too early for LGBTQIA+ folks to start thinking about how they will celebrate. All over the world, people love and enjoy taking part in the festive atmosphere of Pride-related events.

On these occasions, many take the opportunity to deck themselves out in special outfits, often as a colorful and lively form of self-expression. This is by no means limited to professionals, drag performers, and parade marchers. You can join in as well! To help you put together the perfect outfit, here is a special guide on Pride clothing.

How Did Pride Start?

Before you dress up, you may want to know what Pride Month is all about. These festivities are often seen as a celebration of peace and love, but they commemorate a riot. The Stonewall riots took place outside the eponymous Greenwich Village gay bar over five long nights in 1969. Police raids happened often, as with similar congregation locations at the time. However, on June 28, eight officers raided the bar without warning, intending to shut the place down permanently.

The procedure took a long time, and as word spread and some of the bar’s 200-plus patrons were let go, a crowd of 500 or 600 formed. When officers dragged perceived offenders out of the bar and into patrol wagons, the crowd started throwing pennies, then bottles. They dispersed later on but returned the next night as 2000 people. Over that night and the next few nights, the activists would taunt police, overturn cars, and experience violence.

Starting with the Village Voice, who had a reporter inside the bar on that first night, the story of Stonewall became national news. After the riots ended, New York’s local Mattachine Society chapters held a “gay power” march that drew hundreds, and the Gay Activist Alliance emerged. On July 28, 1970, thousands of people attended the first Christopher Street Liberation Day march — perhaps the first Pride march. Nothing was ever the same.

What to Consider for Your Pride Outfit

That first march was a rather somber affair: as organizer, Fred Sargeant recalled, “There were no floats, no music, no boys in briefs.” Now, however, the marches are considered safe spaces for people to be open about their identity and celebrate with others. They are, of course, also an excuse to dress boldly, colorfully, even outlandishly. Here are some factors to consider when putting together your Pride outfit.

Choosing the Best Materials

June is a warm time in any clime, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, and Pride parades and marches are outdoors by design. Wearing clothes of the right materials can help you enjoy the event atmosphere without letting the actual atmosphere suffocate you. Wearing clothes of the wrong materials can make for a sweaty, strenuous experience.

We suggest wearing clothes that are light and breathable, even on the hottest days. Cotton is a classic, of course, and you can easily find many T-shirts made from it that still look fabulous. As for bottoms, jeans can be quite comfortable in warm weather.

Wearing Something in Your Style

Once you get the practical considerations out of the way, you can focus on wearing something that is just so you. The spirit of Pride Month is that people should be allowed to be themselves and to be proud of who they are. There are common pride symbols, of course, but most events do not have strict uniforms or even dress codes.

This means you could go in regular clothes if you so desire. With that said, Pride gives you plenty of room to experiment with your look. Treat your outfit like a superhero costume, one that represents you and helps you stand out from a crowd. Consider wearing something bold, playing with traditional gender signifiers, and presenting your identity in your own way. You won’t get judged — not at Pride.

Selecting Casual and Comfortable Clothing

Even though most Pride events set a few limitations on how people dress, they generally have a relaxed environment. People do not usually attend these festivities in clothes that are too dressy or business-y, so you might want to keep it casual with tees and shorts. This can vary based on the event itself (dress sharply for a gay prom!) and the person (if fancy clothes make you feel fabulous, go wild).

Even if you dress to the nines, you should still choose your clothing based on how comfortable they make you feel. Again, you might be outdoors for hours at a time, and you might spend much of it standing, walking, dancing, and making merry. Make sure your outfit lets you do all this so you can make the most out of Pride!

Accessorizing for Extra Flair

Most Pride outfits consist of tops, bottoms, underwear, socks, and footwear — with at least a few bearing LGBTQIA+ flags, symbols, and slogans. This is sufficient, but why do that when you can go really out there? Accessories can help you add some pizzazz. You could adorn yourself with rainbow jewelry and bead necklaces, shove Pride pins in people’s faces, and protect your eyes from sunlight with sunglasses.

Everyone is royalty at Pride, and you can show that on your crown. Caps can keep the hot June sun out of your face and blare a slogan. More flamboyant headwear can make a statement or just be fun to sport. Why stop there when you can do something crazy with your hair? Dye it for the occasion, style it in a unique fashion, or don a unique weave. If it enhances your enjoyment, feel free.

Show Your Spirit with LGBTQIA+ Pride Clothing

As we said before, it is never too early to start preparing for Pride Month. Even outside of those 30 days, you can show your pride any day of the year with LGBTQIA+ pride clothing. Here at Rainbow Depot, we offer a massive assortment of fun, comfortable clothes featuring flags and symbols for all kinds of sexual and gender identities. Shop here today and create an amazing look for yourself.