Rainbow Sarong
Rainbow Sarong

Rainbow Sarong

Part Number: RS001
So you're not quite in bikini shape for summer. So what! Let's face it, we all had every intention to have those perfect beach abs, but for one reason or another it just didn't happen. (I know exactly why it didn't happen for me. I'm under the influence of cupcakes right at this very moment.) Who cares! With this fabulous Rainbow Pride Sarong you can hit the beach and eat your cupcakes, too.

Use your imagination and the sky's the limit. Use it as a shawl, a wall hanging or table cover. How fun would this be on a picnic table? VERY!
The Indonesian made Tie Dye Sarong is made from cotton fabric can be used as a shawl, a skirt, a wall hanging, a table cover, or whatever you like.

70'' x 47'' - 100% Rayon

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