In this article, we have laid down some helpful tips for self-care during the holidays. Consider these tips and we are sure you’ll have a great time at home!

  • Be in touch with your affirmers

When you are at your house, you’ll meet several relatives and friends. And it is highly possible that not everyone would be affirming of your gender identity or your choices. While you can handle yourself being around such people for a short duration, constantly living with them is a different game altogether. This is why you need to be in contact with people who can understand you, hear you and instill their faith in your choices. 

The benefit of living in a technologically advanced world is that you can always be in contact with people who you are comfortable around. Whether through video calls, text messages, or phone calls, just be in touch with them. And if you are unable to contact them, or worse don’t have anyone to talk to, we suggest you to do meditation. 

It would give you a sense of calmness, peace, and keep you mentally sane. The importance of mental health can’t be stressed more, and it’s quite assuring to know that our world is moving towards creating a conducive environment for better mental health. 

  • Take out time for Self Care

Once in a while, taking out time for yourself matters a lot. Not only does it replenish energy but also gives a much-needed escape from the usual life affairs. People possess their idiosyncrasies and therefore a tailor-made escape route is essential for everyone. Some prefer watching a movie, while others, playing an outdoor game. 

Some wish to drive bikes to the mountains whereas others just wish to cook and try new dishes. We suggest finding what you like and choosing such activity which releases feel-good hormones in your body. 

You can also call someone and do the things that we have mentioned in the previous point. After all, all you need to make sure is that you take out time for yourself when you feel your mind needs a rest.

  • Practice talking to your family and friends about your identity

When you head home, chances are that you’ll have uncomfortable conversations with your family and relatives regarding your sexuality. They might escalate a bit and get mentally exhausting too. The only way you can tackle such conversations is by preparing for them in advance. 

We suggest you guess beforehand the things that every relative or friend might say. This is not tough considering we are aware of the behavior of our family members and relatives along with the things they get triggered by. 

So first of all predict the things they might say and then prepare your answers to them accordingly. We suggest you stay calm and relaxed through this whole ordeal as this would prevent any sort of heated argument and conversation. No matter how much someone tries to irk you, just be positive. 

After all, you don’t want to ruin such a precious time or some unimportant opinion of someone. And if you haven’t yet disclosed your sexuality to your family, we suggest delaying the same for a while, especially if your family members are unaware of the same. Because no matter how supportive and progressive-minded they might be, parents do get shocked for a while, and this ‘shock’ period lasts for a while. 

Have a conversation only when you are confident of your actions and the environment at home is conducive for these serious talks. It requires a good amount of persuasion and talks with your parents to convince them properly of your decisions, so make sure you possess the required grit, energy, and feel confident in your decision. 

  • Always remember- You deserve love and respect

LGBTQ folks deal with a significant amount of stress, low self-esteem, and confidence issues. So much that they begin questioning themselves and dive deep into a state of depression. 

All such problems could easily be avoided if you just remember one thing and that is ‘I deserve love and respect’. No matter what anyone’s opinion is, if you feel that something is not right, take your call. 

Setting a limit and boundaries also help, make sure you never let someone cross their pre-set limits, no matter if they are a friend, a relative, or your parents. This is so because you don’t owe anything to anyone, and if they don’t respect your decisions then what’s the use of the family. 

Communicate with the person firmly and request them to not trespass the limits, and if even then they don’t amend their conduct, you should immediately leave and show that you possess great self-esteem and don’t owe anyone anything. 

  • Creating good memories

This point is somewhat of a follow-up to the previous point. So if after your leaving, your family approaches you, don’t hold grudges and give them another chance. There are high probabilities that your family would relook into their conduct and respect your decisions. Then all you have to do is spend the holidays with your family and create precious memories.

Parting Notes

We hope you found the tips helpful. As a member of the LGBTQ community, we understand how holidays may be mentally exhausting for you if the relatives aren’t supportive. However, following the above-mentioned points, you can easily feel more calm and relaxed.

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