Gay pride week is a special time of year, where no matter your sexual orientation, you can fully express yourself. This week is not only about celebrating LGBTQ, but it is also about acknowledging and accepting each other's differences with dignity and respect.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many pride parades are not happening this year. However, you can still make the most out of Pride by celebrating at your friend's house and playing the best gay pride party games.

There is nothing better than getting your kink on in the comfort of a home and pushing your boundaries with some risky LGBTQ games and challenges.

The only question is, what are the best gay pride party games that everyone will want to play? You do not want a boring Monopoly fest, you want something more like naked Twister!

Thankfully, we've created this article to answer those questions. Keep on reading to find out the best gay pride party games so you and your buds can get your kink on!

1. Adult Charades Game

The problem with most games is that they are made by straight people, for straight people. This is not the case with the Adult Charades game!

Get ready to act out some naughty scenes, all without being able to speak and describe what you are acting. It's like being a naughty mime, but sexier.

Have you ever had to describe a cucumber before without words? Get ready, cause this game is kinky and hilarious!

2. Stick a Dick

Have you ever played pin the tail on the donkey, but felt like something was missing? That's because you weren't 'pinning the tail on the male!'

Stick a Dick is your opportunity to touch as many cocks as possible while being blindfolded, which could be a dream come true! Each player gets blindfolded with a cock in his hand, then has to stick a dick onto the poster. You can also put the poster on a real human so more touching can be had!

3. Adult Loaded Questions

Before the night begins to get wild, the game Adult Loaded Questions is a great way for you to get to know each other on a deeper level. In this game, each player will have the chance to answer a loaded question that digs deep within their dirty mind.

The questions are both personal and general, so you will have a chance to understand each other's pleasure preferences. This game is the perfect ice breaker for any Gay Pride party and full of happy endings!

4. Black Light Body Paint

When the day party turns into night, it is time to get your freak on and get ready for a night of fun and pleasure. Nothing tips off the night like a sexy body painting fest!

This game comes with a black light and multiple colored fluorescent body paints. Simply screw in the blacklight to set the mood, then hand out the paint for everyone to apply with their fingers. Apply in the most sensual way possible, and watch each other tingle with the touch.

Afterward, you can get creative with how you decide to wash the paint off after rubbing against and sharing each other's colors. Keep in mind that this paint should not go inside any orifices!

5. Beer the Card Game

Pride is all about getting together with your LGBTQ community, celebrating your freedom of self-expression, and of course, having some drinks!

Once the drinks start pouring, bring out the Beer the Card Game as a great ice breaker for some laughter and connection. Some of the fun challenges involve sharing drinks, offering drinks, and possibly the occasional hookup. Have fun!

6. Naked Twister

As the night progresses, clothes are bound to come off, which makes it the perfect opportunity to play some naked Twister! Follow the color-coded steps as you wrap yourselves around each other, giving reacharounds and twisting like a pretzel.

Oddly enough, the colors on the Twister board resemble the exact hanky code pattern for guys secretly seeking orgies!

7. Suck and Pass

You may have played a card game when you were younger called suck and blow, where you had to suck on a playing card and pass it to the next person's mouth. Well, this game is similar, just a lot kinkier!

Put an ice cube in your mouth and suck on it, then pass it into the next player's mouth without any hands! You cannot have the ice cube in your mouth for more than a few seconds, and it must be passed around the circle before it melts, or else your team loses!

8. The Fantasy Sex Deck

If you have ever had a sexual fantasy that you have been nervous to share, the Fantasy Sex Deck is your opportunity! Get ready to share all of your innermost desires with either your partner or a new 'friend' at your pride party.

This game comes with suggestions for props and introductions to help you set the scene and make your fantasy come to life!

9. Kinky Cards DVD Game

If you have quite a kinky mind, the Kinky Cards DVD game is now your best ally! This game will reward you with having a dirty mind. In fact, the kinkier your mind, the more chances you have of winning the game.

You will be quizzed on sexual positions, naughty phrases, and names of various sex toys. This game is easy to play and involves getting naked, popping in the DVD, and getting down with your partner.

Learn More About the Best Gay Pride Party Games

There you have it! The best gay pride party games to play for this year's gay pride 2020! If you have been wanting to get social and meet more LGTBQ in your community, these games will help you get started.

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