Transgender Awareness Week

For the LGBTQ community, November is a month of education and honor. November 13th-19th is Transgender Awareness week.  It is intentionally recognized the week before November 20th, International Transgender Remembrance Day. On November 20th we take time to remember, honor, and memorialize those individuals who have been murdered because of transphobia. The week before is dedicated to furthering the education that will end these senseless murders and increase acceptance and respect for those who identify as transgender.

Why Is It Important

The extent of physical and sexual violence that affects the transgender community is alarming, to say the least.  According to The National Center for Transgender Equality More than one in four trans people has faced a bias-driven assault, and rates are higher for trans women and trans people of color.” Action must be taken to address these horrific actions.

Unfortunately, the violence this year seems to have increased. A blog, shared by this organization on August 7th is titled “Murders of Transgender People in 2020 Surpasses Total for Last Year In Just Seven Months.” The problem seems to be growing.

What Is Being Done

Transgender Awareness Week intentionally focuses on educating the public about Transgender people.  Members of the community and their families share their stories and experiences.  Transgender people deserve to be respected and given equal opportunity in society.  They should be judged on the contributions they make to their families, communities, and jobs - not by their identity. 

Events across the country during this week often highlight the amazing work of transgender individuals.  When reporting last year regarding this week, CNN shared “People will screen films that are made by trans creators, they will have art shows," he (Alex Schmider, associate director of transgender representation at GLAAD) said: "Many of the LGBTQ centers across the country will host panels and events that are open to the public for people to learn." Some companies, he said, seek out transgender people to come into their workplaces and talk about inclusion.

What You Can Do

In addition to formal events across the country, we can and should all take responsibility this week and help to educate our friends, family, and neighbors.  Share a story of a relationship you have with a trans person. Post links to sites (and if you have the means, make a donation) that help to protect trans people and highlight the contributions of the trans community to our country. 

At Rainbow Depot we look forward to Transgender Awareness Week and will work towards ending related violence.  If you are looking to visibly support transgender individuals in your life or the community as a whole, we offer an array of products to help.  Consider flying the transgender flag, wearing a button, or adorning your car with a magnet.  We know that our support is vitally important.