Transgender Roles In Society

The more things change, the more they stay the same. How many across the country perceive those who identify as transgender and their reactions is proof that this age-old adage remains true today.

The transgender community has been at the forefront of news stories for the past several years - for a variety of reasons. First, of course, is the significant and devastating violence these individuals face. The fact that this is their reality is beyond disturbing; nobody should fear for their life for simply being their true self.

Additionally, the Trump era ban on Transgender individuals serving openly in the military was an emotional issue that was the subject of considerable news coverage. One of President Biden’s first acts, after taking office, was to reverse this ban; a victory for our community - but one that many people still have issue with.

Transgender Rights

The rights of these individuals have also been of note. In particular, gender-labeled bathrooms are a hot topic. Those who are transgender and their supporters strongly believe in the right to use the restroom that corresponds to the gender with which they identify. That said, in many areas this is a topic of much debate. While many of the myths surrounding this have been disproven, there is still backlash across a great deal of the country regarding this right today. The struggle to do the most simple things continues.

Transgender participation in sports has been top of mind lately. While transgender youth have issues in both recreational and competitive leagues (including those in high schools), the debate extends further.  Recently, a weightlifter from New Zealand became the first openly transgender participant in the Olympics.  Laurel Hubbard broke boundaries and made history. Including her, however, resulted in a host of protests and complaints. Without a doubt, her competing was not without issue.

The examples above illustrate just some of the successes members of the community have had, along with the struggles they still face today.  As members and allies of the LGBTQ community, we are responsible for continuing to fight for equality for all, including those who identify as transgender.

At Rainbow Depot we are proud to celebrate our acceptance and support of all individuals. While differences are what make us special and unique - in the end, it is critical that everyone recognizes that underneath identity lies individuals - human beings. We all have that in common. We must continue to encourage the world to be respectful, non-judgmental, and accepting. Each and every person has something special to contribute to society; something that makes life better for everyone.