Rainbow Two Spirit 3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester Flag
Rainbow Two Spirit 3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester Flag

Rainbow Two Spirit 3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester Flag

Part Number: WS35094

What The Two Spirit Flag Represents in The LGBTQ Community

Many Native American communities in North America use the phrase "Two Spirit" to refer to members of their society who exhibit characteristics of both masculine and feminine energy. In many societies, those who identify as Two Spirit play key spiritual responsibilities as healers, visionaries, and mediators between the material and ethereal worlds. For many Indigenous peoples, the term "Two Spirit" within the LGBTQ+ community has profound cultural and spiritual meaning. It's a symbol for people who are equal parts masculine and feminine, with deep roots in both secular and religious traditions.

The classic rainbow hues are represented on the Rainbow Two Spirit Flag, a symbol of the diversity and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. These hues stand for the diversity, strength, and beauty that can be found across sexual orientations and gender expressions. The sacred feather at the flag's center is a powerful symbol of Indigenous spirituality. As a reminder of their sacred responsibilities, it represents the bond between Two Spirit people and their ancestry.

The flag serves as a symbol of Two Spirit pride, raising awareness and fostering acceptance of this identity both within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. It's a great tool for dispelling prejudice and expanding tolerance. Reclaiming their heritage and reaffirming their traditional duties and teachings, Indigenous peoples have adopted the Rainbow Two Spirit Flag. It celebrates the perseverance of Two Spirit practices in the face of erasure and persecution throughout time. The flag helps Two Spirit people feel validated in their experiences and gives them a sense of pride in their Indigenous heritage and the LGBTQ+ community.

Two-Spirit, also known as Two-Spirited, is an Indigenous North American identity that encompasses sexuality, gender, and/or spirituality. Two-Spirit is a broad concept that embraces homosexual/homoromantic affinity as well as a wide range of gender diversity, including those who are gay, lesbian, bi, trans, genderqueer, GNC, or have multiple gender identities in Western society.