Pride Month and Its Impact on Social Awareness

June is Pride Month and at Rainbow Depot it is, quite literally, our favorite month of the year. We love helping our community celebrate and are incredibly grateful for the recognition. For the LGBTQ community, its family, and advocates, the value of Pride Month and its impact on social awareness cannot be overstated.

First, the visibility of Pride Month cannot be disputed. In addition to the host of celebrations in major cities like New York, Washington, DC, and San Francisco, smaller cities and towns across the country also hold events. And, many more personal parties and gatherings are commonplace. 

Equally as important is the support of companies and organizations across the country. When the government shines rainbow lights on the front of the White House - our community is seen by the country and world. The same is true when companies around the world formally participate in events and celebrate Pride in their advertisements (thank you Oreos, Chipotle, and Bud Light, among many others). When we see your support, through your advertising, it increases social awareness and improves the self-esteem of our community as a whole. You prove that we are worthy of your intention.

While Pride month is fabulous for all of us - it is equally as important to those who are not as familiar with our community. You see, it gives us a platform to share who we are - and all that we offer. It reinforces that at the very core we are all more alike than different. We are people who work hard, have wonderful family and friends, and love fiercely. This introduction is important.

Finally, social awareness is dependent upon knowledge and information - and during June information regarding the LGBTQ community is prevalent. Our history is explained and successes celebrated.  Additionally, the struggles that we encounter are also highlighted. It is important for all to recognize that bullying and violence are very real. And although great strides have been made, we are far from achieving broad acceptance and equality.

In short, Pride Month is incredibly important for so many reasons. And, at Rainbow Depot we understand this. Its impact on social awareness is considerable -and valuable. Continually expanding social awareness is critical to making our world a more peaceful and welcoming place. We are proud to help all members of our community celebrate their true selves.