Without a doubt, gender equality matters. Unfortunately, the term “gender inequality” is still prevalent today. This is truly unbelievable, especially in a world where 50% of the population is comprised of women and girls.

It Is Important for All of Us

Undoubtedly, rights should not be aligned with gender. That said, many don’t understand why this is so important. To be honest, gender equality makes life better for everyone. Here are three things that would be positively affected by gender equality.

Family Income

In many families, women are the primary provider. And, even when they are not, a woman’s salary is often a crucial component of her household income. Yet, women, on average, earn less than men. Closing the wage gap would make for a better life for many families in the United States. 

Our Overall Economy

Additionally, moving toward gender equity betters our overall economy. First, look at businesses. It has be proven that diversity positively impacts companies’ bottom lines. Better business is good for the economy; wage gaps are costly to women, to organizations and to the country.

Health of the Nation

Health is another important factor when discussing equity. Did you know that studies show that men receive better medical care than women? The fact that women earn less money and are less educated contribute to this. And, there is inherent sexism in the medical industry. Doctors view health concerns from men more seriously that those raised by women.  Improving gender equality throughout the healthcare system would result in a healthier population.

What We Can Do

As members of the LGBTQ community, we are well aware of inequality and the burdens that it places on a community.  In fact, we are fighting every day to be treated equally.  

Gender equity is an important step to equality for all, one that we should actively champion.

So, do some research and ask questions.  Understand the issue of gender inequality better and recognize where, in your life, you can see it and possibly affect it.  You don’t have to be in human resources to make a difference.  

Make sure in conversations, both at work and socially, everyone, regardless of gender, has the opportunity to express their thoughts. Making sure women are heard is important.

And finally, take the opportunity to actively guide and support others. If you are in a position of power at work, mentor women.  If you are a teacher, encourage the girls you instruct to be active participants in class, to speak up confidently and to pursue their dreams with determination.  

If you are a parent (or an aunt, or uncle or friend), your advice and encouragement is vital. Raise empowered children, girls who are self-confident and boys who respect the abilities and opinions of all, regardless of gender.

At Rainbow Depot, we recognize that members of the LGBTQ community know how important active, honest and powerful support can be. Achieving a more equal world is all of our responsibilities. We join you in taking it seriously.