Zero Tolerance The Sinners Wheel Eight Games
Zero Tolerance The Sinners Wheel Eight Games

Zero Tolerance The Sinners Wheel Eight Games

Part Number: CNVEF-EZT-3344
The Sinners Wheel
Great party starter! Eight games for groups and couples. Do Not Try This At Home You might need an Internet search to pull off some of these legendary moves but you and your friends will be experts in dirty sex play after trying out `Daisy Chain ` `Dirty Sanchez ` `Bucking Bronco ` `Angry Dragon ` `Woody Woodpecker` and many more of these taboo tricks! To 3rd Base and Beyond If you can`t have fun spinning this wheel the you`re not playing the game right! From `Missionary ` `Titty Fuck` and `69` to the more adventurous `Pile Driver ` `Reverse Cowgirl ` and `Anal ` you and your partner will have a `ball` finding satisfaction withe every spin! Neither Here Nor There Why limit yourself to the bedroom? There are lots of places in every home for great sex of any kind! This this wheel to give you some great ideas. Try `Floor ` `Counter Top ` `Shower ` `Kitchen ` `Car ` Bathtub ` - even `Garage!` If your neighbors give you grief ask them to join in the fun! As Fun As You Can Be Use your imagination and come up with your own custom-made suggestions. Whether you have a foot fetish or like to bring kitchen tastes into the bedroom - we`re sure you and your choice of players will enjoy creating your own Wheel of Desire! Blow Me! (Please...) This wheel is a little bit `harder` than the others! But it`s guaranteed get both your juices flowing when you land on `Deep Throat ` `Suck On Balls ` `Tickle Ass And Suck It ` `Rub Penis All Over Face ` and `Swallow When Time Is Right.` You`ll need a `stiff one` at this party! Ass And You`ll Receive Sex toys make this wheel `pop ` so stock up before you spin! `Anal Sex With Toy In Vagina ` Toy In Butt ` and `Anal Beads` are an ass-load of fun but you don`t need toys for `Finger In Butt With Oral ` `Leave Hand Print On Ass ` or `Lick Something Sweet Off Ass!` Risque Drinking This combination of dares and drinks is an icebreaker of drunken proportions! `Pour Drink In Their Mouth ` `They Do A Body Shot Off You ` `Fakes An Orgasm `N` Drinks ` `Talk Dirty In Their Ear `N` Drink ` and many more suggestions will loosen up the room in no time and lead to lots of sexy fun! Take It Off Bitch... We`ve all played strip poker but this spinning sensation gets the clothes off a lot faster! You and your friends will be howling with laughter and titillation landing on `Swap Underwear With Someone ` `Take Something Off Someone And Put It On ` `Make Someone Take Something Off You ` and many more giggle-provoking combinations!

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